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Breaking Curses.  Building Communities. One brick at a time.
The journey

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To move forward and without limits

We believe the past is over and therefore we forget what is behind us. We instead strain toward what is ahead allowing us to move forward and without limits.  But God requires that we maintain a word of balance. We are to never consider ourselves to be equal to God for He will not use man-made uniformity or a one-man-band ministry to accomplish His eternal purpose.  

Ministry in Motion

Why We Exist

We are devoted to breaking generational curses and rebuilding our communities’ one brick (person) at a time. We work to assist families and individuals overcome generational and situational poverty by providing various resources. Tabernacle Generation represents a place of endless possibilities.

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Joined Together in Christ Jesus

Who We Are

Tabernacle Generation is an itinerant ministry just as the tabernacle was made mobile upon the command by God. Tabernacle Generation is a reproductive ministry in that the traits of God the Father are expressed through the Son and then generated in Christian living displayed by followers.

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Community Engagement

What We Do

We work to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ while also directing people to a church body that will embrace them as family. We are focused on cultivating a faith-filled environment that is void of self-imposed limitations but abounding in opportunities. We offer education programs, motivational resources financial assistance to families and individuals.

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Community efforts

Upcoming Events

We invite you to join us throughout the year

ABOVE not Beneath (ANB) online Healing Retreat

Experiencing God’s restoring and rejuvenating love

How:  Five-week online retreat

When: TBA

Cost: $75

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TGM Prayer Breakfast

In-Worked Victory

How:  One-hour online prayer

When:  TBA

Cost:  Free

Target Group:  Women of all ages.

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standing in Faith

let us join you in prayer

We believe in the power of prayer 

Make you request known and we will stand in agreement with you concerning God’s will for your life. 
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May God Bless and Keep You

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